Candidate Bateson wants to bring a more active and responsible leadership role to the position of county commissioner by improving the efficiency and transparency of county government.

William Bateson for Hancock County Commissioner

​My Vision for Hancock County

Create a greater opportunity for future generations through conservative fiscal responsibility and reinvesting the revenue that is generated here, back into our local communities.

Create an inviting community atmosphere that encourages the growth and preservation of family income and wealth, and encourages our citizens to be involved in leadership opportunities for the future of our community.

Paid for by Friends of Willaim Bateson, Treasurer Ann Woolum, 2605 Sweetwater, Finday, Ohio 45840.

2020 Hancock County

Commissioner Candidate

William Bateson

​​Responsible Government:

Ensure that Hancock County Government Functions in a manner that is efficient, transparent, and provides responsible leadership to all county communities and citizens. 

County Wide Economic development:

Cultivate an atmosphere where investors and risk takers will have opportunities to be a part of a prosperous future for Hancock County.

Agricultural Community:

Improve awareness of the economic impact and involvement of Agriculture in the Findlay and Hancock County area. 

Community / Public Health:

Increased engagement in countywide public health issues and concerns. Public safety needs to be our first priority and substance abuse and mental health issues are dangers, when left unchecked, lead to larger public issues that drag down our communities and require additional public money and resources to combat.